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Our apps help children with English, math, and other important skills through our fun, engaging games!

A little bit about us

Brainy Skills Apps are created, developed, and written by a licensed certified Speech Language pathologist with 20 years of hands on experience in a variety of settings from daycares, schools, and preschools with a large variety of both younger and older school age children, both typically developing and special needs children. The inspiration for Brainy Skills came from directly working with students of all ages and creating materials for them as needed for their therapy sessions. After several years the concept of Brainy Skills was created to help motivate students learn the necessary skills in a fun and interactive way.

English as a second language learners also have benefited from Brainy Skills Apps and Games. ESL students of all ages have learned important skills necessary to improve language learning.

A little more about us

Our games have been designed in such a way to give children examples to practice everyday scenarios and situations. Our apps can also be used for beginning readers practicing reading and comprehension skills, as well as middle and high school special needs students that need continued practice of comprehension and in a motivating enjoyable way, keeping them entertained and excited about getting challenged. Also, there are Brainy Bonuses in each game that at times are tricky to teach, such as: inferencing, predicting, reasoning, problem solving, logic, cognitive skills, before and after, and more complex reading comprehension.

Helping Children Everywhere

This is a simple to use game for learning. First read sentences about a situation, then answer a multiple choice question, while working your way up the scoreboard for points. It’s that easy! Motivate your student to beat their score each time they play and get to the highest score.

Easy to adapt as needed by parents, teachers, and therapists for a variety of skill levels, and may be read aloud to your students if needed. Students can play on their own or with a caretaker, or assistant to guide them along and practice basic oral reading skills


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As an SLP I love this app as do my students. You can find apps that help you track progress, etc; however, I have found none more stimulating than this. This goes for other Brainy Skills apps. Really, for the price I couldn’t ask for more.
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